Consultancy Services

I am flexible, pragmatic, cost-conscious and aware of the importance of maintainability for the small to medium enterprise (SME). I can work part time or full time, regularly or occasionally. I frequently provide specialist services to other consultancies, providing a joint service to clients.

Information Gathering

You can have me review your existing IT; what works well, what needs attention? What business benefits would you gain from each area?

Before choices are made and your cash spent, you need to understand more than “We need an accounting package.” You can have me explore and document your requirements in more detail. I will seek the views of your staff and management.


This stage will look at broad options, including possible architectures (what hardware and systems there will be). I will generate alternative high-level designs and technical architectures.

In the case of smaller projects, this is generally combined with the following Design stage.


Once I understand what you need, I can research broad alternatives, and present them to you. I can consider hardware alternatives, operating systems, software packages and custom-built systems. You can then have me find and evaluate alternative packages and suppliers.

If you want a custom solution, you can have me prepare a prototype of what the final system will look like and do for you.


You can have me commission suppliers and manage the customisation of solutions to meet your needs.

You can have me develop your systems in Access or PHP/MySQL.

During this phase, I will work with you to test the system and resolve problems.

Finally, I can either install the software or manage the process.


I can prepare and give training in the new software and business processes

I will also discuss any follow-on projects; these will in turn begin with a new Information Gathering phase.


I can also prepare and give training customised to meet the needs of your staff.