Consultancy Services

I am flexible, pragmatic, cost-conscious and aware of the importance of maintainability for the small to medium enterprise (SME). I can work part time or full time, regularly or occasionally. I frequently provide specialist services to other consultancies, providing a joint service to clients.

Data Analysis

Produced data models for a wide variety of organisations and functions – financial services, contact lenses, pharmaceuticals, sport news etc using end users and other business analysts as sources.

Methods and Standards

Specified and written methods and standards for business analysis in financial services, insurance, utilities and pharmaceutical organisations, and government departments.


Specified, evaluated, implemented and customised tools to support IT practices – data dictionaries/repositories, CASE tools. Developed database, spreadsheet and web-based systems for managing methods and standards, weighting and evaluation.

Training and Facilitation

Prepared and delivered training in methods and tools to business and technical analysts. Facilitated groups of analysts to help them deliver rigorously tested models and business requirements.


Assembled and managed various small teams to deliver one-off projects and provide ongoing services within IT departments.