Peer-to-Peer LAN Connection

To prepare for this, you need to edit the Ui24R network settings – so make an existing connection to it.

Note that setting the mixer like this will mean that connection to a router cannot later be made without editing the settings again.

Step 1

Go to Settings > Network > Config

Log in as the administrator

Go to LAN Configuration

This is the default setting on the Ui24R. Note the IP address If you have changed it, reset it to this.

Power cycle the mixer; switch it off and restart after 30 seconds.

Step 2

On your computer,  normally the network adapter is given its own IP address by the DHCP function on the router. With a peer-to-peer connection, there is no router involved so you need to give your computer an IP address manually.

Your network adapter is to be set like this. Note the IP Address and the blank default gateway.

Step 3

You need one Cat5 network cable. Connect this between the Ui24R Ethernet socket ( not Ethernet 2) and your computer.

In your browser, go to … and the mixer software should load.