Soundcraft Ui24R


The Ui24R is a very sophisticated and therefore complex piece of equipment. It requires knowledge both of computers and software and sound. If you have a background in either, expect to take time to learn how to make it work. If you have little knowledge in either, expect to take longer!

Key resources are:

  • User Guide and Appendix (both available from the Soundcraft website)
  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook group

This is my attempt to extract hints and tips from the Facebook group and to give links to relevant YouTube videos and references to the user guide.

I would like to thank the members of the Ui24R Facebook group for answering my own questions, and staff from Harman.

If you are stuck, please:

  • use these resources
  • search the Facebook group

Only then ask in the Facebook group – this is largely run by volunteers and they love to help but being asked questions to which there are answers in existing resources makes it harder for them to focus on the more unusual problems.

These guides are all process-focussed. They answer the “I want to…” questions. Answers to “what is…” questions are usually found in the User Guide.