Good WiFi

These suggestions forĀ a great Ui24R Hotspot Connectivity Experience come from Brian Krawczyk.

  1. Download and always use a good Wi-Fi Analyzer app to your handset to check out the RF environment of your venue. (WiFi Analyzer for Android is excellent).
  2. Change the Hot Spot channel to one in the 5GHz band.
  3. Delete (or Forget) any in range Wi-Fi Connections stored in your end user device’s saved connections list.
  4. Disable your device from searching for (and connecting to) any free public Wi-Fi services.
  5. Consider disabling the mobile data service associated with the SIM card of your phone or device.
  6. Secure your connection with a unique SSID and password.
  7. If using a laptop to access the Wi-Fi hot spot of the Ui24R, check your power settings so that it doesn’t go into standby or shut down when the screen is shut or the laptop is left idle after a pre-determined time out period.
  8. Note some laptops have their Wi-Fi antenna located in the back of the
    screen so shutting the lid may reduce the Wi-Fi signal level. If this is the case consider an external Wi-Fi dongle.