Set Up Monitor Accounts with Aux Mixes

There are two stages to preparing monitor mixes and making control of them available to your musicians.

On the main controlling device (this makes it easiest)…

  1. Log in (you must have set a master password)
  2. For each Aux Send to be used, prepare the mix to be available. For example the bass player (in AUX 2) would like the guitars and vocalists, but probably not need any of the drums.

On the bass player’s phone or tablet…

  1. set up WiFi access
  2. Log in with the master password
  3. Go to the Aux channel for the bass player (AUX 2)
  4. Hold and click on the bass player’s channel tab and click ‘Assign Me’
  5. On the right, hold and click on the Aux channel tab (AUX 2) and click ‘Assign My OUT’
  6. In Settings>Access, click ‘Allow Client Access For’ > ‘AUX Levels’ and below ‘Local Aux Control’, click the AUX that is to be given to the bass player (AUX 2)
  7. And (still in Settings) click Log Out

The bass player will now only have access to his/her Aux level; everything else is locked out

See 6.2: MOREME