Types of Website

Introductory Website

This is a small website, not using much technology. Typical content will describe your organisation, include your various addresses and phone numbers, and give an overview of your products and services.

I can design company logos and other graphics.

Design-Rich Website

This version of the Introductory Website may exploit Flash or other animated content, or a significant number of photos.

Interactive Website

This adds interactivity to the Introductory Website; visitors can, for example, ask questions in a forum, design something or play a game.

Database-Driven Website

This is a more complex website, making extensive use of databases for content, e-commerce and other functions.

Content-Rich Website

Much of my experience is with content-rich websites. In these, it is essential to have a simple but distinctive design, leaving un-cluttered space for the content. The minimal use of graphics and multimedia content preserves the bandwidth of the visitor; he or she wants to get to the content without excessive time spent on graphical elements.

The other critical feature of such websites is ensuring that the navigation is easy to maintain; with 200 pages, you must avoid having to revisit many pages when adding more. We have made extensive use of PHP/MySQL to generate menus. The source data can be managed in the development environment using a Microsoft Access database; this generates commands to load the menu data to the production MySQL database.