Set Up External Router

If you want to connect your Ui24R to an existing network, or want to create a special network for your mixer, you need to choose an IP address outside the range managed by the router. Find this out from the router control panel – typically at

Imagine a street of houses and a hotel. You want your mixer to be in one of the houses – with a fixed address so that you can go to (for example) from any browser. If you rely on the hotel manager to allocate you a room in the hotel, ie using DHCP, your browsers will have to find out in which room the mixer is – and this will change; one day it will be at and another

Once you have picked a suitable address, you need to go to Settings -> Network and change the LAN settings.



To maintain channel sync across multiple browser windows/tabs on the same computer/device, across different displays or even between devices, enable ‘Sync ID’. You can then open multiple GUI windows in any view.

[UG 10.0 Settings]